Patient Order Request Instructions

To order consultations/ second opinions of your molecular test results (with or without a review of the diagnosis or treatment plan), click on the "Order Services" button on this page and select the desired option.   We also ask that you provide as much information as you can on the form present on this page, this will help us know as much as possible about your clinical situation so we can provide the best possible service.  Click the "submit" button and we will start processing the case as soon as all necessary material is provided.

Once the order is placed, please provide us with additional materials that we will need to better understand your clinical course.  This will include the molecular test findings, the surgical pathology report for the specimen that was submitted for molecular testing, and a recent oncology note.  If you would like us to review the diagnosis, please have the glass slides from case sent to us for review.  You can request these from the pathology lab that has the material; alternately, we can assist you with obtaining these materials if you have any difficulty.  Please note, additional files may also be requested if necessary, such as radiology reports and/or images.

These files are typically in PDF format.  Please submit requested materials via our HIPAA compliant and secure email at Slides for diagnosis review should be sent to:


2700 Technology Forest, Ste. 210

The Woodlands, TX 77381 

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