(EMR-Lab integration application)

We leveraged our expertise in precision medicine, molecular diagnostics, clinician workflows, and software development to create a SMART on FHIR App that is vendor EMR-agnostic that solves critical data and integration issues around precision medicine and laboratory testing


Allow clinicians, in the EHR environment, to:

•Initiate orders

•View native PDF results, with functioning hyperlinks

•View order status

Allow clinical staff to:

•Create/edit clinical workflows related to orders

•Execute clinical workflows and track process

•Create digital orders to automate processes

•Add existing, pre-configured vendors/tests, or create new

Allow researchers to:

•Download structured genomic data from vendor reports

Platform Value Proposition

•Improves patient care

•Reduces route work, prone to error

•Reduces administrative roles and tasks

•Reduces TAT for cases

•Improves physician/staff workflow

•Improves vendor revenues

•Improves customer satisfaction with ordering

•Improves customer satisfaction with delivery of services

•Reduces barriers to ordering


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