Enabling Precision Medicine- Providing Molecular Expertise to All

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Click image for link to patient education and services

About precision medicine

The practice of oncology is rapidly evolving as we gain new insights into the genetic events that drive cancer.  New technologies like Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) provide genomic information to individual patients, and provide data that we thought impossible just a few years ago.  This knowledge can be used to tailor therapy, not based on outdated ideas, but on actual mechanisms of disease for each individual patient.  


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What we do

We seek to fill the gap between the clinical laboratories and the practicing oncologists.

NGS is not a typical lab test, but a complex assay with billions of variables that requires professional, expert interpretation to be utilized.

Proper interpretation requires expert knowledge of genetics, genomics, anatomic pathology, and oncology practices.

Click image to meet members of the team

Click image to meet members of the team

Who we are

The BWPG is a physician association made of board-certified anatomic and molecular pathologists and oncologists who specialize in the practice of precision medicine.We are medical experts who provide services in the precision medicine space, leveraging new technologies and methodologies. 

We offer a range of services including molecular and Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) testing and reporting, patient consultations, and laboratory support. 


Our Goal:

Decentralize Molecular Diagnostic expertise to all, not just those within driving distance of top academic medical centers.


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Through science and technology we can improve cancer patient care.
— Gabriel Bien-Willner, MD, PhD, President and CEO, BWPG

BWPG in Precision Medicine

What is unique about precision Medicine?

Cancer is generally considered a GENETIC disease.  This does not imply heredity in most cases, but that genes that drive tightly-controlled cellular processes are altered, leading to uncontrolled cellular proliferation (i.e., cancer). 

Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) allows for massively parallel sequencing of many genomic loci concurrently.  This allows us to see “under the hood” of the tumor, and identify what cellular processes have gone awry in this tumor.  Knowing these processes is beneficial, because targeting these altered pathways gives us the best opportunity to stop the aberrant pathways and thus stop the malignant processes.

This is the principle of Precision Medicine


Top quality testing, personalized case interpretation by the world's experts

BWPG works with top laboratories to bring you the highest-quality and robust tumor testing platforms.  We provide our expertise to ensure you are not left with a list of gene mutations, but with a true explanation of the results of a very sophisticated assay.


Consulting Services

Our expertise for your precision medicine needs

Molecular Professional Services

Molecular consultations and services


EMR Integration Applications (ELIA)

Filling the gap between clinical workflows and vendor laboratories