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Explanation of services:

The BWPG is a physician association comprised of board-certified physicians.  Our services include rendering expert medical opinion on the submitted cases as re-reviews or consults for patients.  We also offer non-medical consultations to hospitals and laboratories and access to laboratory services.

Understanding the limitations of our services:

We seek to provide guidance to patients and physicians based on the patient's history, histology and surgical pathology records, and molecular findings.  It should be understood that: 1) our current understanding of the causes of malignancy are incomplete, and change constantly. Our opinions are based on our current understanding of mechanisms of disease; 2) molecular tests have limitations and are not guaranteed to uncover a full picture of the mechanisms of disease.  Furthermore, there is currently great variation in the content and quality of available tests; 3) Not all mechanisms of disease can be targeted with currently-available therapies; 4) Some therapies may only be available through clinical trials, and there is no guarantee of enrollment of those trials; 5) There should be no implied guarantee of of successful treatment based on the recommendations from our staff. 

Patient Data safety:

We use HIPAA-compliant electronic web-based technologies.  Rest assured your data are safe with us.